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Foreigner Reunites For “Feels Like The First Time”!

Foreigner has a new live CD/DVD coming out on November 15th titled “Double Vision: Then And Now”. You can pre-order it here. Previously releases for this release showed both current and the original lineup reuniting on songs. This one is a bit more special as it’s just the original lineup of Lou Gramm, Ian McDonald, Rick Willis, Dennis Elliot and Al Greenwood. Of course founding member Mick Jones. I have nothing bad to say about this. This is a just a great event that I wish I could have attended. This is truly special and we are fortunate to see them perform alone as it were. Watching it makes it a true treasure. Check out Feels Like The First Time below.

#DoubleVisionThenAndNow #FeelsLikeTheFirstTime #Foreigner

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