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Frank Zappa Share Previously Unreleased Track "Fifty-Fifty (Basic Tracks, Take 7)"!

Frank Zappa is releasing the 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of his 1973 album "One Nite Sensation". Due out on November 3rd, you can pre-order it here. Ahead of the forthcoming package we get a taste of what is to come, we get Fifty-Fifty (Basic Tracks Take, 7). It's not often where I like a demo or an alternate take over the original, but this one has one me over. I wasn't a fan of Ricky Lancelotti's vocals on this, they were kind of all over the place. This is just an instrumental version and highlights the guitar work and the rest. It really makes you appreciate the talent on this record. I think you will enjoy this track as well. Check it out below.

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