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Garden Of Hedon Releases New Single “Love And Light” Featuring Marc Ford!

Garden Of Hedon has released another single Love And Light featuring former Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford. You will definitely hear Ford’s influence on the track. That aside, this is a song that will not only grow on you as you hear it but you will add it to your playlist. Before I go further I suggest you follow the group on their website here. With songs like this one, they won’t be a local band for long. You can also purchase the single here.

The song is just shy of six minutes long and it is epic. Matt Zajac’s vocals combined Ford’s guitar work really takes this music to another level. I will say I truly enjoyed this one. Maybe it’s the classic rock vibe or just the masterful track that it is. I can’t say enough about this song, You can only gush so much. If you have been following me for any length of time, you know when I say it’s good, it is. Check it out here.

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