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Gary Hoey Releases “Under The Rug” Featuring Eric Gales!

Gary Hoey has a new album coming out March 15th titled “Neon Highway Blues”. You can pre-order it here. I love the title of this record. But I digress, his new single, Under The Rug features Eric Gales. This is the way Blues should be played, two Blues guitar heroes doing what they do best. When I think of the Blues, this is what I want to hear. This song makes me think of Jeff Beck in they way that it’s played. Trust me, it’s rare for me to compare anyone to Beck, but in this case this it is worthy of it. Lyrically here is some nuggets of wisdom, like the following;

“Sometimes you got to believe, Take a chance, ain’t no guarantee”

I love the wisdom in those words. Musically, the song is outstanding. The guitar jam is eargasmic. I have played this several times already. It is Blues at its apex. The lyric video is a neon highway, fantastic. Check it out below.

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