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Gary Moore Tribute Artists Release First Single “Still Got The Blues (For You)”!

“Moore Blues For Gary – A Tribute To Gary Moore” featuring Bob Daisley And Friends will be releasing their tribute album on October 26th. You can pre-order it here. The first single is Still Got The Blues (For You). This song has Bob Daisley (Rainbow, Ozzy, etc) on bass, Danny Bowes (Thunder) on vocals, John Sykes, (Blue Murder, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, etc) on guitar, Don Airey (Rainbow, Ozzy, Deep Purple, etc) on keyboards and Rob Grosser on drums. This a Daisley passion project, as he heads this project up. There are various artists on every song. It will be worth your time to check it out. Many of you know I am a huge Thunder fan and just hearing Bowes voice makes me very happy. He does a killer job on this track. Sykes is a stand out as well, he would have to be, right? It’s Gary Moore we are paying homage too. If you love the Blues, you won’t be disappointed with this. Check it out below.

#BobDaisley #MooreBluesForGaryATributeToGaryMoore #StillGotTheBluesForYou

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