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Germany Gives Us 7 Mazes, A Band That Can Rock With The Best Of Them!

7 Mazes are from Burghausen, Germany. I believe they can take the mantle of rock from their homeland. The Scorpions and Rammstein and their like, can be proud of their brothers in rock. One Time Mountain guitarist Brian Murphy has been bragging about them as of late and I decided to check them out. I advise you to do that as well. You won’t be disappointed. These guys get it. 7 Mazes released a lyric video from their current album “Stronger In The End”. The song is called All I’ve Lost. The track is fantastic. The riffs, the driving drums, the vocals over the music just take you to another level. Lyrically, they are very deep and resonate with whatever you are going through. Let me highlight some for you;

“All I’ve Lost is showing me true worth in life, Just cut the cord and turn the page, To live in ease and lost the rage, All I’ve lost is showing me I’m still alive”

All I can say is wow. Talk about rising from the ashes from being rock bottom. Well written I must say. There are other nuggets like this in this one song. Trust me when I say dive in and be in awe. My understanding is that the band will be touring stateside soon with my friends One Time Mountain. Some I’m sure you don’t want to miss. You can follow and check out more about the band on their Facebook page here. Now check out All I’ve Lost below.

#AllIveLost #BrianMurphy #OneTimeMountain #StrongerInTheEnd

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