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Ghost Release “Life Eternal” With Live Footage From Their Last Show In Mexico City!

Ghost has released a new video from their 2018 album “Prequelle”. You can get a copy here. They have decided to release Life Eternal with live footage from their last show in Mexico City, Mexico on March 3rd, 2020. The song is a love ballad or at least as close as Ghost can be to one. There is no evil undertones or things in that ilk. It’s about dealing with loss. The opening verse kind of defines it all;

“Can you hear me say your name forever? Can you see me longing for you forever, forever? Would you let me touch your soul forever? Can you see me longing for you forever, forever?”

I’m nit sure if there is amore beautiful way to express your love for a lost loved one. Tobias Forge gives the song the right tone vocally to feel the somber vibe it portrays. The video on the other hand is much different. It’s shot in black and white, I guess for mood. The cool thing is you get a lot of live footage and some backstage glimpses that you don’t see often. You definitely see the commitment of the bands fans, almost Kiss like. It just make me want t go to a show. Check it out below.

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