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Godsmack, Bob Seger, Ace Frehley, Five Finer Death Punch And The Gene Simmons Controversy!

Bob Seger, has a new album coming out in October. It will be called Ride Out. You can take a listen to his new single here called Detroit Made (it’s John Hiatt cover):

The Scorpions said they will celebrate their 50th Anniversary with and album and a tour. Remember when they retired? That’s what I thought.

Soundgarden will be releasing their music as lullabies. It will be put out by Twinkle, Twinkle Little Rock Star on August 19. You can sample it here:

Slash has teamed up with Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 3D Maze. Slash wrote the soundtrack for the Clowns 3D maze. It opens on September 19, the single comes out on September 16. You can hear Slash tell you all about it and hear a sample of the music here:

Heart is doing a mini residency at the Mandalay Bay Casino, House Of Blues in Las Vegas. Dates are 12/5 through 12/7/2014.

Ace Frehley is releasing his new album on August 19. He has released the title track, which you can listen to here: He is also doing an in store signing of his new album that day in New York City at Sam Ashe store near Penn Station from 6-9:30 pm.

I don’t really care about Death Cab For Cutie and that a founding member left the band.

On November 12th, there will be a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Fox Theater, in Atlanta, Georgia. It will feature many celebrities from Peter Frampton, Blackberry Smoke, and Allman Brothers.  As we get closer to the date there will be more guests added. It is called One More For The Fans (a play on their live album). It will be released in all platforms as well. You can get tickets here:

Seattle Producer Rick Parasher has passed at the age of 50. He produced Pearl Jam’s Ten and Temple Of The Dog, Nickelback’s Silver Side up and so many others. RIP!

Speaking of Nickelback….they will be releasing a single on August 19, titled Edge Of A Revolution.

Aerosmith has canceled all of their California dates due to drummer Joey Kramer’s heart condition. If I were you and I was going, I would make sure the show is still on as you get closer to your date. The band plans on picking up the rest of the tour but check to make sure.

Last week’s Rockucation question was announced this week. This artist has his own band, was a member of Mudcrutch and the Traveling Wilburys, and has worked with Jeff Lynne and Stevie Nicks, among others.  Who is he? No one got this one, I was kind of surprised, I guess there are no Tom Petty fans out there. Answer of course is Tom Petty.

Hillbilly Herald is looking for 50,000 likes for their Shame On Me video. You can go and like it here:

Jimmy Page is doing a book signing in New York on November 5th, get details here:

ZZ Top released a trailer for their current greatest hits package, The Very Baddest Of ZZ Top. You can watch it here:

Anthrax has released a trailer for their forthcoming DVD, Chile On Hell. It comes out September 16. You can watch it here:

The Foo Fighters new album name is Sonic Highways and it will be released on November 10

Five Finger Death Punch has released a video for Wrong Side Of Heaven. It is a video with a message in it. You need to watch this one. It’s off of their current album of the same name. Watch it here:

Opeth, In Flames and Red Fang have announced a North American tour called Communion Of Sirens. You can get dates here:

In Flames also just released a new video for Through Oblivion. Their album, Siren Charms, comes out on September 5th. Watch the video here:

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Red Fang also released a video this week called The Meadows from their current release, Scion, and you can watch it here:

Tool’s Danny Carey will be sitting on select dates for Primus. He fills in for Tim Alexander who is recovering from a heart attack. Dates confirmed so far are just in September.

If you’re looking for something in progressive metal, you might want to check out Evergrey. These Swedish rockers have a new video out called King Of Errors from their soon to be released album, Hymns For The Broken, on September 30th. Check it out here:

Offspring released a new video called Divided By Zero and Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell, off their 2012 release Days Go By. You can watch it here:

Accept released a new lyric video called Final Journey. It’s from their current release, Blind Rage, watch it here:

When would a week go by without another super group announcement? As to not being disappointed, this one features drummer Deen Castronovo (Journey), guitarist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake) and bassist Jack Blades (Night Ranger/Damn Yankees). They are in the studio, no name of the band yet or release date of their new material. It comes in 2015.

A lot of you commented to me this week about Gene Simmons’ remarks about depression, etc. Obviously, many of you know my obsession of all things KISS. Anyway, let’s make some things clear here. Simmons made those comments before Robin Williams took his life. Media took advantage of that and made it sound like it was new. It wasn’t. Simmons was referring to drug addicts and alcoholics but either way he said them. Most know he likes soundbites and does anything to get his name in the media. He is a news whore. Do you really care what he thinks about the president, diseases, etc? I certainly don’t. I care about music and things that are part of it. Needless to say, Nikki Sixx called Gene out on it and the media also took Simmons to task for it.  I’m glad he had some backlash for it, so maybe someday he could be humbled by it, instead of the be all end all that he thinks he is. Radio stations around the world stopped playing KISS on the air.. Really?!?! That to me is asinine, first off KISS had nothing to do with it, I also find it hypocritical, since so many rock stars say so many things that offend people and still get played. If that was the standard, there wouldn’t be much on the air to listen to.  I can list many examples but I don’t think there is a need, most of you are aware of who says what and gets away with it. After Sixx called him out on it, Simmons did offer an apology. Some took it as sincere, others did not. I personally don’t care. What celebrities say and do makes no consequence to me. The only role models in my world that matter were/are your parents. You can’t look to celebrities to strengthen or weaken your moral ground. It’s not their responsibility.  I am no fan of suicide, I don’t think it’s fair to those who are left behind and when I think of people who wish they could lead a normal life (free of disease or illness, etc) and you take your life, I find that unfair. I don’t want to get into if depression is a state of mind or a disease. In closing, I don’t agree with Simmons and the way he stated everything.  It’s a perspective. I don’t believe in unicorns but some people do. Okay, I said my two cents! Carry on!

This week’s Rockucation question is: Tom Morello and Chris Cornell were in a super group together, what was the band name?

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