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Godsmack Release New Single “You And I”!

Godsmack will be releasing a new album on February 23rd titled “Lighting Up The Sky”. You can pre-order it here. The second single from the forthcoming record is You And I. Initially I was thinking the song was going to be a ballad based on the title. It is about a relationship but musically it’s not a soft rock song. It’s much heavier and I really fell in love with it. The way that Sully Erna delivers this number has something different I also like how about it. Shannon Larkin’s dream really stand out in this one along side the complimentary bass performance of Robbie Merrill. I’m not sure why this one has hit a chord with me but it has. I have played this many times already and it’s not lost one me how Tony Rombola’s guitar solo really melds all the music together well. I think you will enjoy listening to this as there is no video for it. Che4ck it out below.

#Godsmack #LightingUpTheSky #YouAndI

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