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Godsmack Releases Killer New Single “Soul On Fire”!

Godsmack has released a new single from their album “Lighting Up The Sky”. Out today (2-24-23), you can get a copy here. The new single Soul On Fire is a mid tempo rocker. You get cool guitar licks and pounding drums. What more could you ask for? The band knowing that this is their last record has made sure it’s one for the ages. Every track released up to today just puts the fans on notice that they are going to be blown away and this track is no different.

I love the way Sully Erna delivers the vocals here. He’s got something to say and you’re going to hear it. Tony Rombola’s guitar solo just takes the song to another level. I can see the fans going wild at their shows when they hear this one. You won’t be sitting down on this one. The video shows the band playing the track and like in the title of the single you see fire appear in it. You also get a woman dancing and trying to interact with the band but can’t. You can actually see her build up to being angry. It’s a fun watch between the band and her. Check it out below.

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