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Godsmack Releases “Under Your Scars” And It’s Just Brilliant!

Godsmack has released a new single from their current album “When Legends Rise”. Under Your Scars is a song that seems to be following a trend about you are not alone when dealing with the following: Depression, Bullying, Addiction and so on. When you read the lyrics in the first verse, well you’ll get the idea. Read them below;

“Do we make sense, I think we do In spite of everything that we’ve been through Oh and you say black and I say white It’s not about who’s wrong As long as it feels right Don’t think those stars won’t align”

Once you hear the words and the way that Sully Erma sings it moves you in a way I can’t describe. It’s very heartfelt and emotional. Erna has stated that he got the inspiration rom his relationship with Lady Gaga. Because of that they also started the Scars Foundation, you can get the details here.. The song is touching and moving. Tony Rombola’s guitar solo is by far one of the best things I’ve heard in a long time. It just resonates with me. It’s epic and conveys what the song is all about. I can’t see how anyone can be disappointed with this even though it’s a ballad for band that doesn’t do them. Maybe that’s what makes this magical. The video shows the band playing it live along with some candid moments as well. This complete package is what you call perfection. Check it out below.

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