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Gov’t Mule Release A Epic Jamming Cover Of Junior Well’s “Snatch It Back And Hold

Gov’t Mule has a new Blues album coming out in November 12 titled “Heavy Load Blues”. You can pre-order it here. Snatch It Back And Hold It is the second single from the record. This one is a cover of Junior Wells but they added an original the band was working on “Hold It Back”. Combined this is one epic cover. The jam is eargasmic, guitarific and just plain awesome. The only thing missing is the harmonica from the original. The song is long as well but man is it worth it.

Warren Haynes really does a tremendous job with the soloing and riffs on this one. What also surprised me is Danny Louis’s keyboard playing, it almost has a Jon Lord Deep Purple vibe to it. But the jam in the middle of this song is glorious. Actually everything about this song is brilliant.The video shows the band in the studio recording it and that’s a treat to see as you see how the song plays out. Performance videos are always the best. In the studio with some candid moments makes it even better. Check it out below.

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