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Green Day Release New Single “Here Comes The Shock”!

Green Day has released a new single Here Comes The Shock. It was released as part of the National Hockey League’s Lake Tahoe outdoor games. This song is pretty commercial compared to their other material. I like the up tempo style and riffs. My favorite part of the song is when Billie Joe Armstrong says the following lines;

“Gonna do some damage and some damage will be done”

I just love how that breaks up the song, a true highlight for me. The video is interesting. Not sure I would have went with this theme but I can understand how you would want to exercise to it. They utilized Hilken Mancini to do her Punk Rock Aerobics. If you are interested in what she has to offer, you can check her out here. The video is entertaining to say the least. I rather enjoyed watching the video with all the names of the different aerobics. You can check it out below.

#GreenDay #HereComesTheShock #PunkRockAerobics

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