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Green Day Release New Single “Holy Toledo”!

Green Day has released a new single from the movie Mark, Mary & Some Other People that is out now. Holy Toledo is the third single the band has released without any word of an album. I know this is for a soundtrack, but regardless no word on a new record. You can get that track here. The song has a real pop vibe to it, also, very commercial sounding, not so much punk sounding. I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know if the title of the song or the lyrics have anything to do with it. But I do find the lyrics interesting, like these;

“Party favors Sex with strangers We don’t care what the neighbors say

If this is how it’s gonna end Cause it feels alright Baby let’s get sick again”

I’ll let you use your imagination run with that. The song is fun and upbeat. You can catch on to the song and sing along to it by the end. I imagine this will take off on radio. Either way you can check out the lyric video below.

#GreenDay #HolyToledo

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