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Green Day Release New Throw Back Single “Stab You In The Heart”!

Green Day has released a new single from their just released album “Father Of All Mother Fuckers”. Stab You In The Heart is their latest single. This one surprised me as it’s not what I would expect from them. This is a throw back, it sounds very much like The Beatles in their early years. You might say very 1960’s. The song is fun and energetic and definitely radio friendly. Outside of the lyrics and lines like “I wanna stab you in the heart”, it should on the radio. I don’t see how you can’t like this song. The only way not to like it is that you are disappointed that it isn’t the formula that we expect from Green Day. But maybe you celebrate that they took a risk and did something different. There is no video just a steam of the song Check it out below.

#FatherOfAllMotherFuckers #GreenDay #StabYouInTheHeart

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