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Green Day Release Title Track For New Album “Father Of All…”!

Green Day has a new album coming out on February 7th titled “Father Of All…”. You can pre-order it here. The band has released the title track ahead of it’s release. It’s a different style especially Billie Joe Armstrong’s vocals. I’m not sure I heard them like this before. Musically it’s upbeat and anthemic. Definitely a catchy chorus, I’m sure it will go over well live. The guitar solo is no slouch either, well done for this style of song. Lyrically, I think they band is talking about the climate of our country right now when you read the words for the opening verse;

“I woke up to a message of love Choking up on the smoke from above I’m obsessed with the poison and us What a mess? ‘Cause there’s no one to trust”

Waking up with hope and realize that everything around you is making you divided so who can you trust? Pretty deep right there, I think the lyrics resonate with what’s going on today. There is no video yet but you can stream the song below.

#FatherOfAll #GreenDay

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