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Green Day Releases “Oh Yeah”!

Green Day has a new album coming out on February 7th titled “Father Of All…”. You can pre-order it here. The latest single from the album is Oh Yeah and it’s very commercial. Immediately you know that sound and as you think about it and it comes to you at the chorus when the band sample Joan Jett And The Black Hearts version of Do Yo Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah). The band won’t identify the original writer of the song outside of calling him an asshole, but its Gary Glitter. He was a famous glam rocker who later was convected sex offender. Because of that, the band is giving all proceeds to the International Justice Mission And The Rape, Abuse And Incest National Network. Back to the song, it’s nothing special but will go over well live with the chorus. Lyrically the song takes a political tone or a take on society. You can pick, maybe both. The video shows drummer Tre Cool teaching you how to play drums to the song which turns into a a fan watching him then as he is doing this and driving he hits singer Billy Joe Armstrong and so it goes from there. You can check it all out below.

#FatherOfAll #GreenDay #OhYeah

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