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Greta Van Fleet Release New Single “My Way, Soon”!

Greta Van Fleet has released a new single, My Way, Soon. No word about a new record but I’m sure that will follow. The first thing you will probably notice is that they don’t sound anything like Led Zeppelin on this one. Maybe they have come into their own now and people can lay off that label. The song is about what they experienced touring and their ambitions. They sum it up pretty well with this verse;

“I’ve packed my bags and I’ve got my freedom I’ve sacked the rules so I don’t have to heed them I’ll bet on a chance if I’ve just got one I’ll throw out the plans and live with no burden”

Musically what stands out to me is Danny Wagner’s drumming and Jake Kiszka’s guitar solo. The track isn’t going to bowl you over or anything like that but it’s a solid tune and it’s new. Some of us were wondering where the band went and now we know. The video is fantastic as it shows a lot of candid moments and live clips of them touring. You get some that behind the scenes feel. Check it out below.

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