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Greta Van Fleet Release “Trip the Light Fantastic” Live!

Greta Van Fleet has released a new single from their just released album “The Battle at Garden’s Gate”. You can order yourself a copy here. The new release is the song Trip the Light Fantastic. The cool thing is that it’s live. This is one of the best songs on the record. It is this band at its best. Everything has come to fruition that this band does in this song. Great vocals and music, and it’s powerful. The video is a real added feature for this song. One thing is they finally did away with the white outfits that they have used through out the releases for the record. Still wearing matching outfits, but not the white we have seen them in. But I have to make a valid point here while you are watching the performance clip, the band is actually playing it live, not playing to a studio version of the song, but live. They sound just as good as the record version, amazing. You can see for yourself below.

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