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Greta Van Fleet Releases “Anthem”!

Greta Van Fleet has a new album coming out October 19th called “Anthem Of The Peaceful Army”. You can pre-order it here. The band has released their fourth song Anthem from the up and coming record. Don’t let the name of the song fool you. When I hear the term anthem, I think of something rocking and edgy, this song is far from it. It’s more of a acoustic ballad type of track. Whenever you hear vocals over guitar in this format, it seems to pull you in and makes you pay attention. But what I think stands out is the low key percussion. That aside, the song lyrics are pretty deep. Take this verse for instance;

“In all the noise facing every day The colored world has turned into grey, you say And from the void, the place in which we came Can we step back and see we want the same”

There is a lot of wisdom in those words. Its even more fascinating when you see that they are very young and writing in this way. Great to see that. The song takes a turn near the end of the track that is full of harmonies and almost psychedelic vibe. Give it a listen below.

#AnthemOfThePeacefulArmy #Anthem #GretaVanFleet

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