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Greta Van Fleet Releases New Single “Built By Nations” Live!

Greta Van Fleet has released a new single from their just released album “The Battle At Garden’s Gate”. You can purchase a copy of it here. The new single is Built By Nations. This tune has heavy riffs, blues guitar and rhythm section that is right on target. Everything you would expect from the band and more. The real caveat here is that it’s live, which leads us to the video. The video is the band performing the song. I still haven’t quite figured out the whole white outfits throughout their releases from the album. The look is very reminiscent of the Band Angel from the 1970’s. The video really brings everything together really well. This is something you should just crank up and take it all in. Watch it below.

#BuiltByNations #GretaVanFleet #TheBattleAtGardensGate

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