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Guns N’ Roses Release New Single “Hard Skool”!

Guns N’ Roses has released their second single Hard Skool. No word about a new album, but we get new music. The song supposedly was part of the left over tracks from their 2008 album “Chinese Democracy” album. The word is it was originally titled Jackie Chan. The big concern is there isn’t a new collaboration of the current lineup. My take is I am glad to get something new even if it’s old bones, but this song is all over the place. Highlight are definitely Duff McKagan’s bass and Slash’s guitar solo. It’s much better than the previous single Absurd, but still doesn’t blow me away, nor does it impress me. The video is a stream of the song over a animated locker with graffiti. You can check it out below.

#GunsNRoses #HardSkool

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