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Guns N’ Roses Release “Shadow Of Your Love” For Their Expanded Debut Edition!

Guns N’ Roses has released the official lyric video and song Shadow Of Your Love. It’s from their forthcoming album “The Expanded Appetite FOr Destruction Edition”. There are several version of their 31-year-old debut album, such as the Super Deluxe, The Lock N Loaded and Deluxe version and so on. They all come at different price points as well, one being $999.99. You can pre-order your choice here. It will be out on June 29th. The set includes 73 songs 49 0f which have never been released. The song seems to have some punk roots, but Slash’s guitar solo is what stands out on this. At such a young age to lay like that. The song is worth it for that alone. You can still feel the energy and the passion in the song. Looking forward to hearing the other material. You can check it out below.

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