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Gwyn Ashton Releases New Single “Lonely On The Run”!

Gwyn Ashton has released a new single for a yet be determined album. The new song is Lonely On The Run. Now if you are looking for a new up and coming Blues sound, well this is your guy. He’s well connected as the guest musicians on this are bassist Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Brian May Band, Gary Moore), on organ, Mark Stanway (Robert Plant, Phil Lynott’s Grand Slam, Magnum) and drummer John Freeman (Fraternity – w/Bon Scott, Mickey Finn).

His voice reminds me of Glenn Hughes with a little more angst in it. His guitar licks and soloing are melodic and eargasmic. Everything combined here makes for one solid Blues track. The video is him playing and the delivery of it lives up to the title of the song. I have to say he is pretty authentic. You believe what he’s singing. Check it out below.

#GwynAshton #LonleyOnTheRun

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