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Halestorm Brings Us To Rock Church With New Single “The Steeple”!

Halestorm will be releasing a new album on May 6th titled “Back From The Dead”. You can pre-order it here. The lead single is The Steeple. The song is anthemic in that it’s about rockers and their fans uniting at the alter we call the stage. When you see the words from their chorus, you’ll get it;

“This is our church You are my people This is our church This is our steeple”

I would admit many shows I have been to feel like a religious experience. Musically the song is a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t anticipating a hard rocking number, but one of a more softer tone based by the title. Joe Hottinger’s guitar solo is eargasmic and fantastic. This is a powerful lead single, the unfortunate thing there isn’t a video to match it. Just a stream of the track. Check it out below.

#BackFromTheDead #Halestorm #TheSteeple

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