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Halestorm Is Resurrecting Rock With New Single “Back From The Dead”!

Halestorm has released a new single from a yet to be named album and release date. The new song is Back From The Dead. No holding back here, this track is amazing. Lzzy Hale just nails this, you can feel the anger and attitude , just wow. Joe Hottinger’s guitar solo is shredtastic! How I have missed this band. The song is anthemic with a a great chorus;

“Back from the dead alive! Hell couldn’t hold me Back from the other side! Up from the dirt I rise Save your prayers, don’t bless my bones Erase my name from my headstone Back from the dead alive! Hell couldn’t hold me down!”

My favorite line is “Hell couldn’t hold me”. What a fantastic line, talk about a song for a comeback. They certainly didn’t disappoint on this one. The video is based on the lyrics but from a horror theme. You can check it out below.

#BackFromTheDead #Halestorm

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