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Halestorm Releases A Cover Of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”!

  Halestorm will releasing a new EP titled “Reimagined”. Due out August 28th, you can pre-order it here.. I Will Always Love You is a Dolly Parton cover, but the bands version is more in line with the Whitney Houston version of the song. Now most won’t take this song on, but Lzzy Hale did and she does a great job. My understanding is that they play this live on tour. But if you ever doubted that Hale has range and can only rock, then once you listen to this you will change your mind. It’s mostly her voice over a piano. Its powerful. Not what I was expecting, but nonetheless the band did a rendition of a song that really doesn’t fit the rock and metal world. There is no video but a stream of the song over the cover of the album and that’s all you need. Check it out below.

#Halestorm #IwillAlwaysLoveYou #Reimagined

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