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Halestorm Releases Hard And Heavy New Single “Wicked Ways”!

Halestorm has released a new single from their record that just came out yesterday “Back From The Dead”. You can order a copy here. Wicked Ways is one of the heavier tunes I’v heard from the band. This one is thunderous and full of screaming vocals. It grows on you as you listen to it. lyrically, if you are looking for a song that defines you as a bad ass then you have found your anthem. Check out the following lines in the song;

“Been the liar Been the cheat Been the black heart Been the thief”

It paints a picture of person who doesn’t care what you think and will do what they like. The angst that Lzzy Hale delivers them is all you need to know. She’s coming from a perspective of being ticked off. Check it out below.


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