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Halestorm Releases The Official Video Of “Do Not Disturb”!

Halestorm had previously streamed their song Do Not Disturb from their current album “Vicious”. I had preciously reviewed it. You can read that here. I won’t do another critique fo the song so that leaves the video. The quality of the video is excellent. It kind of has that Rocky Horror Show vibe to it. My take is if you listen to the lyrics, the video really doesn’t tell the same story. The song is very sexual and I really do’t this the video convey’s that well. It’s a long stretch to say the least. I do live the band’s performance in it. I think they all do a great job. Outside fo the story telling you get a great song with a pretty cool video. Enjoy it below.

#DoNotDisturb #Halestorm #Vicious

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