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Halestorm Releases “Uncomfortable” And It’s Fantastic!

Halestorm has a new album coming out on July 27th. It’s called “Vicious”. Ahead of the album’s release the band has a new single/video for Uncomfortable. The song has a defiant attitude. I guess that’s the point, right? Make you uncomfortable. Lzzy Hale uses the following lyrics to make the point;

“I did it all, to break every single preconceived notion that you have I did it all to rape every single one of your emotions… and just to make you”

Pretty damn blatant right there, don’t you think? The music is hard and fast, until you get to the chorus. The chorus is what makes this song. I love her vocal, I like the chord changes and the way it breaks up the song. It’s quickly becoming my favorite song from the group. The video is done in black and white. I think it was a good choice. It looks like Lzzy Hale is trying for a Joan Jett vibe, if she was she nailed it. Check it out below.

#LzzyHale #Uncomfortable #Vicious

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