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Harem Scarem Releases Title Track “Change The World”!

Harem Scarem has a new album coming out March 6th titled “Change The World”. You can pre-order it here. The band has put out the title track ahead of its release. I like the song, it’s melodic and in the progressive realm. Pete Lesperance’s guitar solo is a highlight and well done. The one thing I can’t shake is that lyrically and some musically seems like contemporary religious type of a song. Once you check out the lyrics like these;

“We all can lose sight Of who we’re trying to be It’s hard to hold your head up high Here comes a new day It’s there for you to seize Blocking all fear from your mind”

At least that’s the way it relates to me. The song overall won’t blow you away or disappoint you, it’s just a decent tune. There is no video but a stream of the single. Check it out below.

#ChangeTheWorld #HaremScarem

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