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Hear Previously Unreleased Original Version Of Black Sabbath’s “Heaven And Hell”!

Geoff Nicholls estate has released a previously unheard version of Black Sabbath’s title track Heaven And Hell. It’s labeled as the original on the cassette picture. They have stated it’s a live rehearsal of the song, one might even say it’s a demo. Nicholls was the band’s keyboardist but in this instance he plays bass. Geezer Butler was going through some personal issues with his wife at the time. He later divorced her. Basically Nicholls came up with the bass line. Below the video there is a story about with reading if you into the band’s history.

This is like being behind the scenes fo the recording session. You get the band in a candid environment. Obviously the finished production is much better, but this is a damn good first crack at the song. I love the rawness of it, maybe the purity of it all. In my opinion, this is a fantastic find and worthy of your time to listen too. Hen you hear Tony Iommi going into lead mode its just eargasmic. Ronnie James Dio is amazing as well. It is so refreshing to hear him and this take of the track. The only disappointment here is there is no video of the performance. Check it out below.

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