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Heaven & Earth Finally Release Something New, “L.A. Blues”!

Heaven & Earth have released a new single this week called L.A. Blues, off of their current album “Hard To Kill”. his band knows how to jam and they prove it here with this single. There is so much goodness in this song, that’s hard to take it all in one listen. I guess my favorite part of the song is when frontman and singer Joe Retta sings high notes and guitarist Stuart Smith plays the guitar to match it. That is just magical. The song is moody and bluesy and all around rocking tune. A side note, you don’t see Steve Wilson on drums, but Kenny Aronoff, who is a guest on the album along with many others. Like I said, this band is known as a great jam band. Without further ado, check out L.A.Blues below.

#HardToKill #HeavenampEarth #LABlues

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