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Helix Release New Single “The Tequila Song”!

Helix has released a new single from their current album “Eat-Sleep-Rock”. You can order a copy here. The Tequila Song is the latest single from the record. This is a fun tune. Brain Vollmer is 65 years old and still got it as a lead singer. I love his narrative style in this one.

The chorus is catchy and could be a good drinking song. Other than that it’s kind of tongue in cheek rock song. The video is humorous in that the band and others are doing line dancing. I also give Voller credit as he didn’t go the eye candy route, which adds to the flair of the song.  In any event it’s an interesting watch. Check it out below.

#EatSleepRock #Helix #TheTequilaSong

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