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Helloween Releases New Anthemic Single “Mass Pollution”!

Helloween has released another single from their recently self titled album. You can get a copy here. The new single is Mass Pollution. This one is written fo r the fan, when you check out the lyrics I think you will see what I mean;

“We just love it loud Bang and shout it out We’re no weapons of mass pollution Raise your hands up now ‘Till the final row Having fun is no mass pollution Mass pollution Make some noise Make some noise”

Now you follow up those words with great riffs and hard pounding rhythm section and you have a magical track. Now the true highlight here is the guitars. When you get to the solos it’s amazing to hear. It is everything you would want from a melodic shed. This song will cover huge in a live setting, plenty of chanting and hand raising and participation. The only disappointment is the lyric video doesn’t match the lyrics. Check it out below.

#Helloween #MassPollution

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