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Hereafter "Overcome"EP Review!

Hereafter has proclaimed their music as American Doom Groove Metal. No matter what you think by reading that, it’s not that. It may surprise you that it’s heavy and melodic. Before I move on to the review, the first thing you need to know is that they have an EP coming out on August 8th titled “Overcome”. You can pre-order it here. In case you aren’t aware of these Philadelphia rockers let me introduce you. First off this is Corners Of Sanctuary’s Mick Micahels side project. He is obviously the guitarist. The rest of the band also includes another Corners Of Sanctuary alumni Mad T. on drums. Rounding out the foursome is vocalist Chris Natalini (Blood Feast, ExecutionOrder) and bassist Robert Bigler (Burned In Effigy).

The four song EP opens up with No Turning Back. This is a great opening track. It slowly pulls you in and then picks up the tempo. Chris Natalini’s vocals kind of surprised me as he goes from this dark place and then lightens up a bit, I wasn’t expecting that. The song is a quick introduction to will unfold for the rest of the EP.

Next up is the title track, Overcome. This one is a bit more gloomy, what stands out to me is Mad T’s drumming and Robert Bigler’s bass. The hard driving rhythm section makes you feel and want to change the chorus “Terrorize And Overcome”. Could be a good anthem for a sports related event. This one grows on you rather quickly. It’s something I think would go over great in a live setting.

They March is probably my favorite number on the record. If Judas Priest and Black Sabbath had a kid it would be this song. I like the delivery of this, Natalini’s vocals have a cadence to it. You almost feel like he is telling a story and the music supports it or should I say it enunciates the lyrics. I will admit here that this one hooked me from the beginning. It’s the longest track on the EP and I'm glad it is. All the elements come together on this one and that’s what makes it stand out to me. I think you will feel the same way.

Finally, they close out the EP with Let The Record Show. I know I usually leave a track or two for you to discover on your own without my input, but since this is only four songs I took the liberty to do so. Mainly because you need to pay attention to Michaels guitar work on this one. His licks and soloing are probably the most intricate on the record. It is worth your time to listen.

Overall, this EP shows the band has some diversity and a very mature sound. You can hear some of their influences, with that they took it to another level. Hence the American Doom Groove Metal. If they are carrying the flag for this new genre, then they should be proud. You get a great blend of styles and influences that take you for a musical journey. You should check them out. If you would like to keep up with their doing, you can do so on their Facebook page here. Check out the title track Overcome below.

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