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Huey Lewis And The News Release The Official Video For “Her Love Is Killing Me”!

Huey Lewis And The News has released the official video for their single Her Love Is Killing Me. It’s from their just released album “Weather”. You can see my review of the single from a few months ago when the audio version was released here. This review is all about the video. The video has a ton of cameos from Jimmy Kimmel to Jimmy Buffet to Joe Montana and so many others, many, many more. I won’t name them all, I’ll let you discover them on your own and if you don’t remember their names or not sure who’s who in it the video in the credits lists them all. I have to say these guests have made the song seem fun. They all look like they are having good time singing a line in the song. You can check it out and enjoy it below.

#HerLoveIsKillingMe #HueyLewisAndTheNews #Weather

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