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Huey Lewis & The News Release New Single “While We’re Young”!

Huey Lewis & The News has a new album coming out on February 14th titled “Weather”. No pre-orders are available yet. While We’re Young is the second single from the record. I like it it but I think they did the song a disservice by not making it more of an uptempo song. I think the slower take may have something to do with the fact the song is about being older and looking back. Lewis can still sing and rock with the bets of them. He still has a sense fo humor when you look at the lyrics like these;

“We’re not as good As we once were But we’re as good once as we ever were Tell the kids We’ll be late And we’ll need time to recuperate”

Unfortunately there isn’t any video, just a stream of the song. Check it out below.

#HueyLewisampTheNews #WhileWereYoung

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