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Hydrogyn Releases New Single “Damaged Goods”!

Hydrogyn has released a new single from their just released album “The Boiling Point”. You can purchase a copy here. If you haven’t heard of them, well good thing you know about this report. You’ll thank me later. Follow them on their website here. Damaged Goods is a hard thumping rocking track. It won’t take you look to get into the groove of this one. I think you will be impressed with Holly Hines Freed’s vocals. She really makes you feel the words.

I really like the change ups in the song and the melodic style of the whole tune. The pounding rhythm gets your heart pounding and you can feel the anger they are conveying. The video is nicely done and really moves along with music. Check it out below.

#DamagedGoods #Hydrogyn #TheBoilingPoint

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