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Idlewar Releases New Single “My Hesitation”!

Idlewar has a new album coming out titled “Cede”. The band is raising funds for its release. You can get the details here. My Hesitation is their second single from it. I love the opening guitar riff, hard and powerful. Surprisingly the song slows down and changes pace. The song takes on a modern like psychedelic vibe or feel, then builds back up to a rocking riff. I enjoyed how James Blake’s vocals changed with the music, it adds a real nice dynamic to the single. Throughout the song Peter Pagonis’s drums drive the track. But the real stand out is the guitar solo by Rick Graham. Seriously, the tone is spectacular. I also like the way Graham and Pagonis’s drums just meld together. It’s not very often that you have drums that compliment the guitar solo. This is one of those moments. Overall, the song keeps your attention and takes you for a nice ride. The video, well that’s another story. Actually, I’m not sure what’s happening in the video, but it kinda fits the psychedelic style of the song. Check it out below.

#Cede #Idlewar #MyHesitation

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