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If You Think Rock Is Dead, Then You Haven’t Looked. Let Me Prove You Wrong!

Honestly, if you think rock is dead, then you would be the killer. You’re the problem. Shame on you for not leaving your comfort zone of your playlist or radio station. You are lazy if you didn’t attempt to even look on your own and expected it to be delivered to you. Harsh words you think? Well deserved I say. We are talking about saving Rock ‘n’ Roll here. This is my call to action for you to get off your asses and give some time to finding out what’s out there. I can’t recall how many times I have heard things like, I wish I could have seen (Insert band) when they were in the clubs, how cool would that be? Some version of that, the sad thing is you can, but you choose not too.

It disappoints me that I have to write this, but I’m taking this seriously and have to do my part. To make my case, I have put together a list of bands and artists I think you should know in one place. The list could be 10 pages long, but I will give you options to delve into. I’m sure I will forget some but hopefully this gets you to break out of your norm and check them out.

Keep in mind these aren’t in any specific order, just random placement. I will give you the link to their website and the song I’m talking about. Some you may actually know from your local scene (At least I hope), but overall this is more of a discovery list than a famous one. I hope you listen to every one of these and be open to something new. This is a bit long as I give you 30 bands/artists that cover various forms of rock and metal. 30 bands may seem a lot but I’m fighting to save you and I guess Rock N’ Roll! Let’s start.

Bad Marriage is a great straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll band with some great riffs and sound. The first song I heard from them and got me hooked was Old School Stereo. I love the video for this one as well. You can check it out here. Their website is here.

One Time Mountain is a band I fell in love with right away. Their melodic and hard rocking at the same time. I say that but I am going to ask you to check out a softer number from them called Seasons but it’s fantastic. You can listen here. Their website is here.

Lansdowne should be bigger than they are in my opinion. I saw them in a local club and became a fan. One listen to their single One Shot and I think you would agree. Listen to it and watch the cool video here. and their website is here.

Blindside Thunder has a great rock n roll style and writes catchy hooks and riffs. They bring it, is all you need to know. Listen to Rock N Roll Junkie here. Check out their website here.

Corners Of Sanctuary is old school metal with a fresh take. They have a new album coming out and here is their single from it We Never. You can listen to it here. Their website is here.

Exhale has a hard rock sound that compels you to listen more. One of my favorites by them is Count The Days, listen here. The bands website is here.

Black Water Rising surprised me when they came to my attention. Definitely worth your time to check out. Their single Payback is a great tune as well as the video for it. Check out both here. Their website here.

Impending Reflections is a band that takes you on a musical journey in a conceptual sense. Check out their song The Road here. Their website here.

Soldiers Of Solace is a heavy hard driving band. I can tell you once you listen you will be hooked as I was. Check out their title track of their current album We Are Immortal here.

Parts Per Million is a band that just blew me away with their thought provoking lyrics and sound. Check out their single 2020 Vision here. This is their website here.

Red Sky Mary is a pure rock n roll band in the classic sense. Their song Gone is as good as it gets. Listen here. Their website is here.

SIXTEENX20 has hard hitting and heavy riff sound that pulls you in from the beginning. I fell in love with this song Cure here. Their website here.

Psycle makes you a believer that rock isn’t dead. They are the new age of rock n roll and they own it. This band should be on the radio, people need to know these guys. Once you hear Kill The Machine here. you will understand. Their website here.

Sygnal To Noise is an alternative rock band that is unique in so many ways, I can’t begin to list them all. Broken here. redefines what a power ballad should be. Their website here.

Worshipper is on the psychedelic rock side of music. Darkness here. will make you take a trip you weren’t expecting.

Desert Of Talking Shadows has a fresh sound or a better take on the Grunge style. Check out End Of The Lie here. Their website is here.

King Falcon is a duo that knows how to rock with anthemic like style. I enjoyed Shake! Shake! Shake! here. when I first heard it. I think you will too. Their website here.

3 Parts Dead have a slow and dark groove to them. One might say moody. My Mistake here. puts that all on display for you. Their website here.

Diamond Lane has that California rock vibe and style. They have the attitude you often need in a great rock band. The Enemy here. is anthemic and pleasing to the ears. Their website here.

Trawl a newer rock band that gets it and knows how to deliver. Check out their song Carcharodon here. Their website here.

Blacktop Mojo is a band that should be famous. They are a throwback with a modern twist. Come Get Your Coat here. will show you that these guys are the real deal. Their website here.

Fire In The Field have their unique sound and like to jam out. Tomahawk here. shows how talented these guys are. Their website here.

Leaving Eden is a melodic rock band that really makes you feel what they do. Dream With Me here. will make you see that. Their website here.

Them Evils are the way I like my rock n’ roll. Classic sounding but fresh. Oce you hear Got Me Rockin’ here. you’ll know exactly what I mean. Their website here.

Georgia Thunderbolts is here to take the Southern Rock mantle. Looking For An Old Friend here. makes them the ones on the throne. Another band that won’t be under the radar long. Their website here.

Rare Birds ATLgive you a glimpse of how rock used to be with a makeover for today. Gold Plated People here. is a great example of what I’m talking about. Their site here.

Taken is a hard rock band that really brings energy to their music and a lot of passion. A Better Tomorrow here. is case and point of what they do. Website is here.

Andrew Santagata has been doing some interesting solo material and one fo the things he did that I liked was his recent cover of Kim Carnes’s Bette Davis Eyes here. His website is here.

Renegade Cartel is a powerful trio that knows how to rock out. I think you will enjoy what they have to offer especially Dear World here. Their website here.

Dead Fish Handshake the band may have a familiar vibe but they definitely are their own sound which sounds fresh for today. Once you listen to No One’s Island here. you’ll agree. Their website here.

I hope with the 30 bands/artists listed are proof positive that rock is nowhere near dead. If you can’t find a band in this mix then rock’s not dead you are. Allow me to digress for one moment, as a bonus I will give you three bands that I don’t think are together anymore, but I wish they were. I’ll give you the name and a song I enjoyed by them but you should definitely check them out because they should be listened to. They are Fifth Freedom Someday here, Flight Of Fire Rockstar Life here, and We Are Bullethead Bartender Song (Jessie’s Cut) here.

Now let me close with this, if you were open to new music and you found some you like then become a real fan. That being said, the one thing you can do is support them both by buying their music and seeing them live. This is your chance to make a difference. This is you getting in on the ground floor and later can say I remember when.  I hope you take action, listen, check out their catalogs, support them and go to venues to see them.  Do this and you can change the music landscape.

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