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Impending Reflections New Album “State Of Entropy”!

Impending Reflections

State Of Entropy

Track List     Band Members 1- Entropy                                                                                      Emil Belisle- Vocals/Acoustic Guitar 2- Judgement                                                                             David Taillon- Lead Guitar 3- Divide                                                                                        Ryan Belisle- Drums 4- I                                                                                                Luke Pelletier- Bass 5- Angry Alpha Virgo                                                          Jonathan Taillon- Rhythm Guitar 6- From The Floorboards 7- Nobody Told Me                                                                                    Produced By; 8- Serenity                                                                                   Chris Piquette/Impending Reflections

                                                                   Official Site

State Of Entropy is a concept album for the band and its second full release. The record is broken into two acts, side one is Perspectives and side two is Perceptions. The concept is that you can persevere and overcome your personal chaos and finding the light at the end of the tunnel, hope basically and discovering who you are. I think it’s something that everyone can relate too.

The album leads off with the song Entropy. It gives you a perspective of a soldier and I have to say there are some deep thoughts in his head. When you hear him sing;

“Are we victims of circumstance? Were we blind at just one glance? Fighting for our rights so were led to believe Conditioned behaviors forged our destiny.”

I think that describes a mindset we can understand and relate with. Emil Belisle vocals really make the story come alive and the music enhances it. I think you really need to pay attention to Luke Pelletier’s bass playing, some outstanding work on this one.

Judgement picks up the pace and is a straight ahead rocker. The band does something really cool in this that stands out. Near the end of the song the music slows down and Emil sings “Listen, united we stand, divided we…” and it’s a nice way to grab your attention for the point then the song kicks it up a notch and the guitar solo by David Taillon just perfect for the track. Very well done. .

As per usual, I’m not going to cover every track as I think you need to explore some on your own to have a better feel for the record. That said you will need to check out Divide on your own. I is the first act closer and I really like this one. There is a lot happening in this with all the musical changes and the vocals. It really takes you on a journey and I think a good way to end the first side. You’ll have to listen to this one for yourself to appreciate the gem that it is.

Angry Alpha Virgo opens up Act II. This one gets your attention right away. It’s uptempo and has a killer riff. Unfortunately it’s the shortest song on the record. A nice touch is the guest female singer, I really enjoy her voice on this. I think this should be a single and on radio. It’s that good. From The Floorboards is all about the rhythm section of Ryan Belisle (Drums), Jonathan Taillon (Rhythm Guitar) and Luke Pelletier on bass which I highlighted earlier. This is probably the most metal song on the record. The way these three drive this song is eargasmic. Yes, I said it, this one should be on your playlist. I’ll let you discover Nobody Told Me. I don’t think you will be disappointed

This brings us to the end of Act II and the album. Serenity. This one slows down and softens the album. I think it’s appropriate for the closing of the record. It’s a song that reflects back and I have to say when you hear Emil sing the following;

“My story is simple, There is no big surprise. My journey has reached its end, Let’s save the last good-bye”

You get the feeling you know where he’s coming from. How many of us have felt that our life isn’t anything special? But if we can be happy with the life we have and who we are then you can live a life of serenity. Musically, the acoustic guitar and the solo is what makes this song special. This one is a grower as I liked to say, the more you lay it the more you like it and find things in it you may have missed the first time.

I also want to point out that the album artwork and design is well done. I like the way they set it up with the two acts and defining each half. The way the book plays out that each song with its lyrics is parts of the play. I feel that’s pretty ingenious. It also ends with a quote that basically states that you are what you think and like everything else on this record its both powerful and deep. I just think we should always take a moment and appreciate the artwork and liner notes. Finally, if you like something that’s classic and comfortable yet new and refreshing then this album is for you.

The songs to check out are Entropy, I, Angry Alpha Virgo, From The Floorboards and Serenity.

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