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In The Red Release Killer New Single “Bite My Lip”!

In The Red is a band out of Hartford, Connecticut. You may or may not have heard of them, well, fear not, I am here to deliver the news to you. The band members are; Ken Keene (Vocals), Peter Rizzo (Lead Guitarist), Scott Wadowski (Drums),and Desiree Ragoza (Bass). You can find the band on social media and you can get there self titled debut EP on their Bandcamp page here. Now that you have been introduced, you can thank me later, let’s check out the new single. Bite My Lip is a hard driving kick ass number. Rizzo sets the tone with his opening riffs and licks. You know you are going on a rock journey and when the rest of the band kicks in you get this thunderous sound that just pulls you in.

I have to sat that the rhythm section of Wadowski and Ragooza is pretty sweet and fill out the song well. Wadowski brings back the cowbell. Cowbell never sounded as metal as it does here. Keene brings a toughness in his vocals that a song of this caliber needs. Let’s just say he delivers the passion needed to match the music. I can see this song as a great live interaction song with the crowd. The video is great because you get to see the band performing it live. You get to see the energy they bring to the song. You can check it out below.

#BiteMyLip #InTheRed

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