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Iron Maiden Releases Epic New Single “The Writing On The Wall”!

Iron Maiden has released their first new material in six years with what seems to be a stand alone singe as there has been no word if it’s part of a new record. The Writing On The Wall is inspired by biblical stories, starting with Belshazzar’s Feast, hence the song title. You will The Four Horseman (Bikers in the video), Moses and even Adam And Eve. All of it takes place in a heavy metal like science fiction world. A live from the song kind of sums it all up to me;

“A land of hope and glory building graveyards for the brave”

Musically, I really like what they’d here. The band delivers another great saga with all the fixings you need in an Iron Maiden song. I can’t find fault in the vocals or music. It’s even catchy, climatic and has you hooked right away. The video incorporates everything I said above and more. You won’t be disappointed. Of course you will see Eddie. I would advise you listen to the sing first without watching the video so can appreciate everything that’s going on it then watch it the video that play like a film. Check it out below.

#IronMaiden #TheWritingOnTheWall

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