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Iron Maiden Releases “Flight Of Icarus” Live!

Iron Maiden is currently on their Legacy Of The Beast tour and decided to promote the rest of their tour with a performance clip of their song Flight Of Icarus. You can get the remaining and ticket info here. First thing you will notice is these guys are rocking like they are in their twenties and they are in the sixties. Bruce Dickinson still commands the stage with his vocals. The rest of the band has the precision of a well oiled machine. Nicko McBrain’s drums are the stand out in this performance. You can hear them clearly and that doesn’t happen very often. On top of the high level of execution of the music they give you a taste of their live show. Keep in mind tis is just one song of their set. You will be entertained as well as blown away by how tight they are live. Check it out below.

#FlightOfIcarus #IronMaiden #LegacyOfTheBeast

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