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Jack Russell’s Great White Releases Acoustic Version Of “Save Your Love”!

Jack Russell’s Great White has a new record coming out May 1st titled “Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes”. You can pre-order it here. Save Your Love is the first single and its brilliantly done. Russell’s voice is such a pleasant surprise I was blown away by it. I had forgotten how powerful of a voice he had. What a vocal performance on this one, it is a joy to listen to. I believe Tony Montana plays guitar on this version and I have say the solo is so much better on acoustic, rather much more impactful. This is a treat to listen to. The video shows a couple giving you a different take on the song. I don’t want to spoil it for you so you can watch it on your own. Check it out below.

#JackRussellsGreatWhite #OnceBittenAcousticBytes #SaveYourLove

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