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Jax Hallow Releases New Single "Wallflower Girl In Bloom"!

Jax Hollow has a new album coming out May 5th, titled "Only The Wild Ones". Not available for pre-order yet, unfortunately, but you can watch for it on her website here. The second single from the forthcoming record is Wallflower Girl In Bloom. Well if you haven't gotten on board yet and become a fan, then there is no hope for you. Hollow is fresh and a distinctive talent. Look no further if you want proof. This song shows her vocal ability and range that grabs a hold of you and just doesn't let go.

Usually, I put emphasis on her guitar playing, but this time the music takes a back seat to her singing. Don't get me wrong, here, music and yes the guitar work punctuates what she is singing. For me this is all about her voice on this track, especially on how she opens the song.. You get all the intricacies and nuances that she provides to seduce you into listening. Ok, enough of me gloating. The video shows Hollow in all her glory performing the song. That's all you need to know . Check it out below.

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