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Jax Hollow Releases A Rocking New Single “Say My Name”!

Jax Hollow has released her debut album “Underdog Anthems”. You can get yourself a copy here. Say My Name is the second single from the record. Once again Hollow shows she is a powerhouse, a true rock force. This time she mixes her Rock style with some unexpected Punk. From the opening riffs to Angela Lese’s drumming, to the tempo changes and Hollow’s vocal acrobatics, you can’t miss with this one. You might think this song is anthemic but it has fight and angst. A don’t mess with me attitude. This is a song about rising up from the ashes and making your mark. My favorite lines are;

“This is my life, mine for chancing You won’t find me asking, I’ll be demanding”

That should be everyone’s mantra. Grab life by the throat and own it. The music backs the words extremely well. Around two minutes in or so Hollow sings in a way that is just angelic. It contrasts the music, yet it fits. I love Hollow’s guitar solo but I have to give kudos to Lese’s drumming and the level she plays at. As I stated before this trio is lethal. This song should make you believer, if you doubted before

The video takes this track to another level. You want sexiness, raw energy, being hypnotized well this is all that and then some. Seriously, the opening scene is a just a wow moment. I never thought playing a guitar behind your back would be this sexy. I know I speaking as a guy here, but the whole video is like that. She knows how to get your attention. Lese even makes her drumming seductive. You don’t get to see Leilani Kilgore playing bass, but you see her throughout the video. She’s the one in the bath tub. I won’t describe anymore, but I’m sure you will enjoy it. Check it out below.

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