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Jax Hollow Releases New Single "Wolf In Sheepskin". Enough Said!

Jax Hollow has a new album coming out May 5th, titled "Only The Wild Ones". You can't pre-order it yet but you can watch for it on her web site here. The lead single is Wolf In Sheepskin. Now I have been waiting for what seems to be an eternity for her follow up album. Let me tell you, the wait is worth it. The song opens up with her softly playing her guitar. She then starts singing the opening verse over her playing and well that's all I needed to hear and I was all in. The song is about a musicians life on the road. It's very nomadic, always moving on. Hollow's vocal performance and th

at's what it is. Her voice takes you on a journey. She gives you a seductive tone, some great harmonies that just are magical. When she delivers the following line:

"But I’m better sleeping alone!"

Well, let's just say it was over for me. I was blown away how Hollow sang it. There is a lot pf power in her voice when she belts it. Now I would be remiss not to mention her guitar work. You get melodic licks and playing. Her singing and playing are the perfect marriage to make this music come to one to your ears. The video shows Hollow alone in a room wearing a wolf's head. She is tying in the title and her being alone on the road. As you watch her deliver the lyrics, you are convinced she knows what she is talking about and can feel the emotions she is trying to portray to you. Get this one on your playlist. Check it all out below.

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