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Jax Hollow Releases The Perfect Ballad With New Single “Drift Together”!

Jax Hollow has her debut album coming out on February 26th titled “Underdog Anthems”. You can pre-order a copy here. Drift Together is her third single from the record. I love the play on the title as opposed to drift apart which would mean someone splitting, this is coming together. Brilliant. Like the previous two singles this one doesn’t disappoint. This is how a ballad should be. You have Hollow singing in a soft tones over her playing guitar and that is just well let’s say its perfect. The song builds up to the chorus, as does her voice. This is a love song but told in a way that is unique. Check out the following verse;

“You’re just a tattooed stranger Beauty mixed with danger It’s just another adventure And I swore I’d never settle down ‘Till something like this came around No I never could’ve anticipated you”

Now that’s poetry. Hearing Hollow sing it and even after you read it you get the feeling that this is from the heart and honest. All the words in this song have impact. Her delivery makes you feel them. Lyrics and music don’t often blend like this, but I don’t think you can get much better for a love anthem.

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about Hollow’s guitar playing. It truly compliments her voice and I enjoy the way you can hear every note and lick she plays. The music, the words and her voice make this single the perfect marriage for a ballad. The video has Hollow playing the song with various scenes like the Grand Canyon and so on. I like that this time most of the focus is on her narrating who she is and how she fell in love. This is a song you should be considering for Valentine’s day, your wedding or ……. Check it out below.

#DriftTogether #JaxHollow #UnderdogAnthems

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